Fall 2019 Beach Update Video

This is the latest information about the storms and the work being done to keep our beach and structures safe.

Here are two videos which will give you more information!

  1. Beach Update from Chip Video – Chip walks you through the issues with our shoreline and what we are doing about it.
  2. October 16th Storm Video – a quick peak at the storm!

We give thanks to God and to all of our donors for supporting the work that was done over the past two years to protect our shoreline, for without it our buildings would have been challenged and we more than likely would not of been able to operate Camp this past summer. But with the lake levels up two feet from two years ago and currently at a record high (for this time of year), we have been experiencing some issues on our shoreline. Also, with the lake levels projected to go up almost another foot by next summer, we have decided to take action to address current and future concerns.

We have addressed two current issues over the past few weeks. The first one concerns the erosive effect of waves topping the boardwalk. It has eroded the areas underneath, at the southern end and east of the boardwalk. We have installed smaller rocks on the eastern edge of the boardwalk and created dams of rocks and sheet pile along the boardwalk area to prevent the water from flowing south and causing more erosion.

As we were in the process of addressing this issue we had a significant storm that battered the small pocket beach area in front of the Inn. This storm took about 10 – 15 feet of sand where the kayaks and stand-up paddle-boards (SUPs) are stored. We decided to close the entire small pocket beach and fill it up with sand. Over the course of the off-season we will be exploring ways to use the large pocket beach to launch the kayaks and SUPs.

With the lake levels projected to go a foot above the 2019 levels, we are addressing other areas of our shoreline. The large pocket beach is performing well, but we are still concerned about possible erosion around the back revetment near the Chapel on the Beach and the wood ramp and steps. We will be extending the existing back revetment to meet up with the north and south ends of the breakwaters in order to protect the Chapel and the wood ramp from higher lake levels. To get to the beach over the rocks we will install temporary steps.

We estimate that this work will cost around $100,000, which will come out of Camp’s savings.

We are working with SmithGroup, our shoreline engineers, to come up with a solution for the lake water that is coming over the boardwalk. They are looking at a temporary, removable barrier to stop the water from coming over the boardwalk that we could use in the fall when waves events are more severe. They are also modeling how our rock revetment north of the boardwalk will perform if the lake goes up a foot and determining if it needs to be raised or widened to be effective against higher lake levels.

Thank you all for keeping Camp Arcadia’s shoreline in your prayers as we address our situation.

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