Are you Arcadia’s Next Long Shot? by Chip May

Chip with Group H at Confirmation Camp in 1987.

I give God thanks for long shots. I am pretty sure back in 1987 when I was a teen camper at Camp Arcadia no one was thinking I would end up serving as Camp Director, let alone for 20 years. The longer I am in this role, the more I am amazed how much of a long shot it was that I was hired when I was 25. Yikes! I have sweatshirts older than that!

God has a history of taking a non-traditional approach to human resources. He often calls people to consider a future that is different than the one they had planned for themselves. He emboldens the young and the more experienced alike to take risks and to trust him with their future. Think of all the Biblical long shots that God relied upon to tell his story – Moses, Abraham, Ruth, Jonah, and David to name just a few.

I am looking to hire a new operations director – a crucial management team member who will play a significant role in the success of Camp’s ministry. I am looking for someone to join me and the staff in taking important strides in developing our summer staff members – spiritually, personally and professionally. To read the job description click here.

That person just might be you. You could be Arcadia’s next long shot.

There is a good chance that whomever becomes our next operations director considered themselves at some point, for whatever the reason, to be a long shot to serve on Camp’s management team. Take it from someone who knows, long shots are what dreams are made of.

Whether it is our operations director position, or another opportunity in your life, I encourage you to listen, to pray, and to consider that you just might be God’s next long shot. If you are interested and would like to explore the operations director position, please reach out to me at or (231) 889-4361.

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