Details of Lot 41 Vote and Sale

This November, the LCA Board will be seeking approval to sell Lot 41 in the Arcadia Cottage Colony. The Board believes that selling the lot is the most fiscally responsible action for Camp Arcadia and the LCA at this time. Details of the sale (if approved) are outlined in the featured video and in the text below:

Details of Sale (Pending LCA Approval)

1. This offer is exclusive to LCA member. (Non-LCA member bids will not be considered.) We will consider all members as of the annual member meeting on November 6, 2021, and will accept any new member applications to the LCA prior to that date. There is still time to apply for membership.  To learn more about becoming an LCA member, click here.

2. If the LCA membership approves the sale with a 2/3 majority on November 6, we will conduct a sealed bid process.

3. The minimum bid on the property is $100,000.

4. We will accept bids on the property through February 28, 2022 (roughly 120 days after the meeting in November).

5. The high bid will be accepted and a 10% down payment will be required within 7 days of notification of the winning bid, with the closing to occur within 90 days after that.

6. In the event that we have 2+ identical high bids, we will enter into a rebid process for those individuals only.

7. We will not involve a realtor, so there will be no realtor fees involved for the buyer or the LCA, as the seller.

8. Please note that the LCA member who wins the bidding process and purchases the property becomes an Arcadia Cottage Colony member and is bound by their rules and regulations.

If you’re in Arcadia this summer and you’re interested in the property, we hope that you’ll take the short walk over to see it. The property will be marked with a “41” sign.


You can contact the LCA Board members on this committee (listed below) with any additional questions you may have.

Paul Culler: (740) 207-0808
John Basler: (314) 971-3014
Norm Ulbrich: (847) 212-1301
Nancy Berg: (341) 610-7221
Dan Zehnder: (563) 340-3536

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  1. As a former Board and Executive Committee member, I have always been against selling camp property.
    I still am. Once we (LCA) sells our property, we can never get it back.

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