Beach Erosion Update – September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017 Update by Chip May Thanks to the members of the Camp Arcadia family for the support we have received over the past few weeks in response to the beach crisis. I am thankful to report that that the lake has been relatively calm over the past couple weeks, and that further erosion […]

Beach Erosion Crisis

Beach Status Camp Arcadia’s beach is eroding faster than anticipated and our buildings could be in jeopardy. At the start of the summer we had about 50 feet of dry land between Lake Michigan and the front steps of the Inn. Today we have only  35 feet of dry land remaining in front of the […]

Shoreline Erosion Crisis in Pictures

Camp Arcadia’s shoreline is eroding faster that anticipated and our buildings could be in jeopardy. Below are videos and pictures taken this month – August, 2017. We have seen around 15 feet of beach erode in this time period. Click here to learn about the beach erosion crisis and what actions Camp Arcadia is taking. […]

A Family Affair: The Drinan’s

Every family and individual who comes to Camp has a different story. Everyone who attends Camp is impacted in different particular ways. The Drinan family, Tom, Lori, and their kids Mackenzie and TJ, started attending Camp Arcadia three years ago when their daughter worked on staff. Mackenzie had never been to RKD before her time […]

Camp Arcadia’s 2017 Beach Status; Facts and Photos

  Here are a few current facts and figures about the beach here at Camp Arcadia : The current water level is at 578.80 feet. That is 15 inches above the average! That is 16 inches below the record high level of 1987 That is 46 inches higher than the record low level in 1964 The […]