Announcing Camp Arcadia’s 2022 Summer Staff!

We are thrilled to announce that we are fully staffed with 41 staff members gearing up to serve our guests all summer. Thank you for all your help in recruiting this amazing team of servant leaders.

A few fun facts about our 2022 Summer Staff:

  • 41 Summer Staff, including 12 returning staff and 29 newcomers
  • 3 Sets of Siblings
  • 2 Sets of Roommates
  • 5 New-to-Camp Staff Members (who’ve never been to Camp before!)
  • 5 Staff Completing Internships

This year, in the graphic below, we’re also including staff members’ major/area of study where applicable – if you see a staff member going into your area of expertise, keep an ear out for opportunities to network and connect with them this summer!

Thank you for keeping our summer staff in your prayers as they wrap up their responsibilities at home, school or work and prepare to move to Camp in less than one month!

*Note: our TBA space is reserved for a staff member prayerfully considering an offered position!

Staff Roster – Full Collage

Staff Roster – Text Only


Interested in Becoming a Prayer Partner?

Our Prayer Partner Ministry is a vital aspect of the summer staff Camp experience. The summer ahead for our staff of young adults at Camp Arcadia is filled with fun, challenges, growth opportunities and joy! Partnering with them individually in prayer is a blessing to each member of the summer staff and, we hope, a blessing to their prayer partners as well.

What’s expected of prayer partners?
If you commit to being a prayer partner, you will be matched with a staffer, then receive a short bio to help you get to know them a little. After that, we ask that you…
  • Bless them with a note of encouragement as often as you can, either snail mail or email (though they really do love receiving snail mail!).
  • Keep them in your daily prayers. Pray for their stamina, growth, and relationship with God as they are serving in all areas… and whatever else the Spirit moves you to pray!
  • We ask that your first letters be received at Camp by May 15.
Gina Kaufman, Camp volunteer, family week guest and fall staff member, is leading up our Prayer Partner program. She will be in touch with you after you complete the form linked below.

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    1. Hi Kathleen! You should have received an email from Gina Kaufman with the name of your prayer partner – then you can use the staff list above to learn basic information like their school, area of study, and hometown. You’ll learn more about them through their first letter to you during staff training. 🙂

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