2015 LCA Annual Meeting

You are invited to attend the Lutheran Camp Association (LCA) annual meeting on Saturday, November 14 at Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Joseph, MI. (619 Main St, St Joseph, MI 49085) The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. ET with a catered lunch offered. If you plan to attend the meeting please call the Camp office at 231.889.4361 to register. There will be a nominal charge for the catered lunch.  

If you signed up to received the voting information electronically you will receive that email on Sept. 25. If you did not, the information will be mailed to you on the same date. Remember, for those of you that are LCA members, you are responsible for electing the members of the LCA Board of Directors and the Arcadia Foundation Committee, as well as voting on important items. This year we have three board members and two committee members to elect. With over a 1,000 members in the LCA we need 1/4 of the member to reach a quorum, so please take time to read through the information about the candidates and vote.

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