Chicken Enchilada Recipe

Here is the recipe for the enchiladas made at Camp Arcadia. Originally given to Camp Arcadia by then sous chef David Eschler, this layered casserole version of chicken enchilada is delicious and easy to make. Get the recipe here.

Full Season Staff Needed in 2014

Camp Arcadia needs the right people to work as Full Season Staff this year. Full Season Summer Staff work at Arcadia from Memorial Day through late October. Generally, they are recent college graduates or interns. Camp Arcadia is willing to consider a wide variety internship placements that span from three to six months. In the […]

Please Include Camp Arcadia In Your Will

Do you have a will?  It is a basic question, but one that many people prefer to not answer.  We don’t like to think about our will because we don’t like to think about life after we are gone. The sad reality that as many as 60% of Americans don’t have a valid will.  A […]