Why We Give: The Reichles

Throughout November and December, we’re highlighting the stories of several supporters of Camp Arcadia’s ministry, why they give, and how.

Ryan and Erin Reichle

Ryan and Erin (Durfey) Reichle live in Ada, MI with their two young sons. They’re also Arcadia Champions – making monthly gifts in support of Camp Arcadia’s ministry. Most recently, they’ve attended Family Week Retreats & Erin has attended Women’s Retreats, but their history with Camp Arcadia is a long one.

What do you love most about Camp Arcadia?

Our experiences here and what we get out of being here have changed over the years. Erin grew up as a family camper, and Ryan came for the teen weeks. We gained lifelong friends while on staff for multiple years and still keep in touch with many of them. Now, being able to see our boys experience this special place, we appreciate the safe and joyful environment that Camp provides. Camp has been passed down through the generations and we are so excited to start family traditions of our own. (Not having to cook or clean for a week is pretty nice, too.)

The Reichle Family

What inspires you to give to Camp Arcadia?

We quite literally owe our life together to Camp Arcadia. We met while on summer staff, got engaged in the Gazebo, were married in the Chapel on the Beach and baptized our oldest son, Carlin, at the Chapel during an Opening Weekend. This place has given so much to us. We are proud to be able to give back in this way so that countless others can have the opportunities we’ve experienced.

Anything else?

Camp is just such a unique and special place. The combination of the water and woods with central Camp and all of the services provided is a wonderful break from our normal routine. Our hearts are filled with gratitude!

You can learn more about becoming an Arcadia Champion or supporting Camp Arcadia with a gift on our website.

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