We love thee, RKD: I’m thankful for Camp because…

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on God’s goodness in our lives. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, these campers took some time to count the blessings that God has given them through Camp.

“I’m thankful for…


“Some of the most important relationships to me are the ones started at Camp and formed by time spent with others in lectures, watching tournaments or sitting on the Inn porch. When you meet friends at Camp Arcadia, you are friends for life!” – Ali Franke

“At Camp, I’m able to reconnect with old friends and take some time to reflect on the important relationships I’ve built in such a special place.” – Ashley Brasgalla

“It’s the best place to meet genuine people and form lifelong friendships. I’ve met some of my best friends!” – Brooke Dahlke


“There is no other vacation or time away that can equal the family renewal that I experience at Camp . . . It feels like today our society expects everyone to be so busy, and I think we can lose our way and forget to put effort into the relationships that God created for us. Camp reminds us of the importance of those relationships and of God’s wonderful gift of family and time.” – Nissa Rickafort

“I get to take in God’s beautiful creation every day and reflect on how God has been working in my life. Camp is a place to disconnect. Phones are replaced with good memories and late night laughs.” – Brooke Dahlke


“I can be a mom without all of the pressure and hustle that comes with regular weeks at home.” – Jackie Bywater

“Camp never fails to make me feel like a kid again, no matter my age.” – Ashley Brasgalla 

People of all ages come together. Square dancing is truly my favorite. I love to see little kids, grandparents, teenagers and parents holding hands, singing along, smiling, barefoot, dancing around and all having so much fun!” – Brooke Dahlke

“Camp has been a launch pad to explore so many cool sights and cities in Michigan!” – Nolan Janke

Through friendships, family, rest and renewal, God’s blessings abound at Camp Arcadia. Why are you thankful for Camp?

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