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It IS okay to treat yourself to a faith-renewing and invigorating weekend. When you attend a 2012 Women’s Retreat, you can expect to find renewed contentment and purpose while basking in fellowship with women who are going through similar life experiences.

“We all came with all our stormy lives in stormy/rainy/windy weather. We left with calm hearts and calm weather and water.” – 2011 Women’s Retreat attendee

At this retreat, you will find opportunities for healing, laughter and relaxation so that you can realize, “I can do this!”  Feed your body and soul throughout this weekend designed for adult women.

Activities to enjoy: Bible study, body massage (we bring in several massage therapists during the weekend), wine tasting, worship, smaller group breakout sessions, outstanding meals, hikes, beach walks, craft shop time, kayaking and much more.

There are two different Women’s Retreats:

  • Women’s Retreat I: September 14-16, 2012
  • Women’s Retreat II: September 21-23, 2012

During both retreats, Host Phyllis Wallace will facilitate and help lead the program along with the presenter.  Both weekends start on Friday afternoon and end Sunday after lunch.  Learn more about the Women’s Retreats here.

“Everything was rooted in Christ.” – 2011 Women’s Retreat attendee

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Phyllis Wallace, Collinsville, IL, Host

The originator and host of the “Woman to Woman” radio talk show,* Phyllis also initiated Camp Arcadia’s Women’s Retreats in 1997. Her contagious love of life and God’s “Yes!” restore and refresh those in her presence. A typical response to her events [or seminars and retreats] is, “She made us laugh and cry, think and dream, pray and praise, all in one session.”

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