Travis Scholl’s “Walking the Labyrinth”

walking-the-labyrinthTravis Scholl, recent guest and 2014 Dean at Camp Arcadia, is the managing editor for theological publications at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  His recent book, Walking the Labyrinth, is hot off the presses at InterVarsity Press.

From the Publisher:

“One day Travis Scholl discovered a labyrinth in his neighborhood. As he began to walk it, he found this ancient practice offered a much-needed path away from life’s demands, allowing him to encounter God in quiet solitude.

In this meditative guide, Travis Scholl takes readers on a journey:

‘The path is always new, because, as a spiritual discipline, the labyrinth is a tool for contemplation, for reflection, for prayer. Underneath the surface, walking the labyrinth is a profound exercise in listening, in active silence, in finding movement and rhythm in the stillnesses underneath and in between every day’s noise. Walking the labyrinth is an exercise in finding the voice speaking in whispers underneath the whirlwind of sound.’

With no end, but only a center, labyrinths become a physical symbol of prayer and our journey with God. Each step unites faith and action as travelers take one step at a time, living each moment in trust and willingness to follow the course set before them.

Providing a historical and modern context for this unique spiritual discipline, Scholl weaves his own journey through a labyrinth with the Gospel of Mark’s telling of the twists and turns of Jesus’ life, providing 40 reflections ideal for daily reading during Lent or any time of the year.”

Read more and learn how to purchase this book here.

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