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Last Friday, May 30th, we hosted our annual town dinner, where we invite the town of Arcadia to dinner at Camp, and a Trading Post treat afterwards to help fundraise for the Pleasant Valley Community Center. The dining room was packed to capacity and guests enjoyed a wonderful meal.  The fundraising was also a success. We received just over $5,000 in gifts and Camp Arcadia and other donors matched these gifts for a total of $10,000.  John Jass, president of the board for the Pleasant Valley Community Center, had some words of thanks and encouragement to say after dinner.

We are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be welcomed by Camp Arcadia to have this fundraiser and be supported by everyone. We believe the community center is an important part of our town, and we are so thankful for all your generosity throughout the years.”

Rachel Catanese has been on the community center board for four years and is Camp’s office manager. When asked about the town dinner, she said, “This fundraiser helps raise about ¼ of our budget, which is a huge deal and help. I think it’s an opportunity for camp to promote the community center and the town as well. It’s a chance for people to come together, socialize, and recognize the different aspects of our town.”

Chip May has been Camp Arcadia’s Director for 15 years and loves having this tradition for the community.

“I love beginning our season by hosting our annual town dinner.  Camp Arcadia continues to thrive in part because our loving and supportive community.  We strive to be the best neighbors we can be. It is our hope and prayer that Camp Arcadia is a blessing to the Arcadia community.”

We greatly appreciate everyone that attended and for their generosity and support throughout the years!

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