The Win, Win, Win gift

Rev. Micah and Sarah Greiner just made a great gift to Camp Arcadia!  This gift is great for them, their children, and Arcadia.  This gift won’t be tangibly received for many years, but the knowledge of it is a great blessing and one that should encourage others to know that we have a great future.

The Greiner’s have established a Charitable Remainder Trust through the LCMS Foundation.  This is a low cost gift vehicle that will do the following:

  • Provide the Greiner’s with an income now
  • Provide the Greiner’s a tax deduction now
  • Provide the Greiner’s children a stream of income for the 20 years following the death Micah and Sarah
  • Provide Camp Arcadia a lump sum gift (along with other charities close to the heart of the Greiners) after the 20 year period concludes.

This gift vehicle is designed to care for the original donor, their children, and charity.  By providing the donor’s children a stream of income for 20 years, the original value of the gift is often returned to the children.

The camp won’t receive this gift for many years.  However, it is a blessing to know that it is coming.  As many in our Camp Arcadia begin to make gifts such as this, we know our future will be a bright one.  We know that the endowment will grow and that the camp will be taken care of forever.

If you would like to learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities and other unique ways to support Camp Arcadia, contact Chip May.

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