Thankful For Returning Staff Members

Co- Trading Post workers Erin Williams and Sonja Wall, 2013.

Camp Arcadia is extremely grateful to the college students who dedicate their summers to service at Camp. It is particularly exciting when such students choose to return to Camp year after year to share their abilities with guests.

One such staffer, Sonja Wall, completed a third summer on staff in 2013 as the Trading Post Manager. After serving her previous two summers as Head Server in the kitchen, Wall was no stranger to leadership positions.

Wall claims that her first year as Head Server was not quite as intimidating as one would imagine, due to the excellent kitchen staff she worked with that summer.

“I was too ignorant to be overwhelmed. I loved it because the kitchen staff and I got to figure everything out together as a team,” she said. “Working as Head Server my first summer was an oddly humbling experience, which I never would have expected.”

After making the change from the Dining Room to the Trading Post, Wall said that managing the TP has been a learning experience.

“I really love the kitchen, but I really wanted to try something new this year. It’s definitely different, but I really do enjoy the Trading Post,” she said.

Originally hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Wall completed her time at Concordia University Wisconsin in December 2013. Double majoring in Business Communications and Missions, Wall is accustomed to hard work and dedication. She hopes to someday work with the business aspect of a nonprofit organization.

When she wasn’t working hard at school or leading fellow staffers at Camp Arcadia, Wall managed the CUW Women’s Lacrosse Team and served as a CUW Resident Assistant.

“I really like people, so when I’m not busy, I just really like spending time with lots of different kinds of people,” she said.

As for her third summer on staff, Wall enjoying her time as a role model for younger staffers.

“Your first year on staff is always new and exciting. For me, I always compare everything back to my first summer. But it’s weird because now that it’s my third year, I feel like I finally know what I’m doing,” said Wall. “I just want everyone to have the same positive experience I have had with Camp. I’ve made it a goal to help younger staffers have that experience, and that is what has made this summer so fun.”

Sonja is currently seeking employment in the St. Louis area and plans to begin graduate school in the fall.  Camp Arcadia is thankful for Sonja’s years of service and looks forward to seeing what she does in the future!

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