RKD Agnus Day Comic Strips

Pastor James Wetzstein, University Pastor at Valparaiso University, is not your normal pastor. For the past 12 years he has been creating a lectionary comic strip about two sheep called Agnus Day. Agnus Day is the only lectionary-based comic strip on the planet, which also makes Pastor Wetzstein not your normal cartoon artist. Each week, Rick (the one with the dark nose) and Ted discuss one of the assigned Biblical readings from the Common Lectionary. Their conversation drives at a point and sometimes sparks a laugh. To learn more about Agnus Day, click here.

Last summer when Pastor Wetzstein served as a lecturer for the first family week with Pastor Scott Giger, they spent the week unpacking a series of readings from Luke. Pastor Giger taught on the texts, and Pastor Wetzstein involved the campers in finding a funny angle on the stories while walking us through the art of comic strips. As a result Pastor Wetzstein created 5 comic strips that were inspired by his time working with the campers at Camp Arcadia.



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