New Seasonal Staff Position

blue-pointCamp Arcadia has created a new seasonal staff position titled “operations director”. The operations director position is geared toward a returning staff member who is interested in gaining significant leadership experience.  They will have substantial interaction with other management staff and be a leader of staff. Responsibilities include coordinating staff arrivals and departures; managing absenteeism related to injury, illness and personal time off; managing O.D.; assisting with staff training and performance evaluations; and planning staff evening activities. Additionally,  they are responsible for managing the transition between retreats; assisting the office manager in supervising the trading post operations and hiring fall staff; and assisting the executive director in supervising the social media staff member, attending the dean’s program, writing promotional copy, and other duties where appropriate. This person will report directly to the Executive Director. While it is preferred that the applicant is a full season staff member (May 22nd to October 30th), it is not a requirement. If you are interested please contact Chip May at or (231)889-4361.


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