Legacy Builder Story by Kate Dankovich

DSC_0017We are first generation campers and are truly on to something good.  I pray that we’ve started a tradition for the generations to come.  Our time at camp has included more than a decade of family weeks, a few teen weeks, three women’s retreats, four years of summer employment, numerous work weekends, and now serving on the board.  Camp Arcadia is part of what defines and shapes my family. It’s about love, faith, community, play and rest…and delicious, healthy, prepared, sit-down meals…and some of the best friends we could ever have — a testimony to God’s ability to provide immeasurably more than one can imagine. Praise be to God!

We have been so richly blessed by camp and desire a life-changing experience for others. Our first trip to camp was through the generosity of others; my daughter, Elizabeth, and I attended through a grant for single parents and their children. The fees were underwritten by a grant through Wheat Ridge Ministries. As a single parent with a sole income, I have felt limited in my ability to donate regularly to camp.  As a family we give back to camp by volunteering our time and manual labor for opening and closing weekends. Once my children are grown and independent, and I go home to be with our Lord, I’ve decided to leave camp a portion of my estate to invest in RKD and the families it serves.

In my will I have designated a percentage of my net assets to be donated to camp.  I have not designated it for any particular use, praying that it be used to continue camp’s ministry and be a blessing to many generations to come.

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