Worth It: The Kaufman’s Legacy Builder Story

With a round trip easily adding six digits to the odometer – it would have to be worth it. And it is!!

The Kaufman Family during the family’s first week at camp in 1997. From left to right: Wes, Sarah, Gina, Natalie.

“Camp has been such a special part of our family’s lives,” shares Gina. “Our family has been coming to Camp for 25 years – since 1997. And we were first introduced by Todd and Rhonda Anderson.”

Like many families, Wes and Gina Kaufman and their two daughters Sarah and Natalie wanted to maximize their time at “the Camp we all love best.”

“We had our route and our routine set,” explains Wes. “We would spend Friday night at a hotel in Holland (the Fairfield Inn to be exact). Dinner was usually at Culver’s. A quick stop at Goodwill for some new tye-dye shirts. Then on Saturday, we could arrive as soon as check-in began.”

Natalie (third from the left) enjoys breakfast at the Program Table during a Family Week circa 2004. Natalie would serve on Summer Staff ten years later.

Each summer provided valuable time together as a family with their growing daughters. “Camp provides a place where we can find respite and restoration. It’s family time. Blessed, sacred time together,” shares Gina. Not long after their first Family Weeks at Camp, the family also began coming for Opening Weekend to help open camp for the season.

Then, as their daughters got older, Gina began staying after their Family Week to serve as a member of End of Season Staff.

Today, with grown daughters, Camp provides the opportunity for new traditions and new memories to be made.

Wes, Noah, Natalie, and Gina August 2021.

“We love being able to bring our grandson, Noah, to Camp now! And we continue to enjoy being a part of the group that helps open Camp at the beginning of the season. 1,100+ miles for 2 full days of working and serving at our ‘Heaven on Earth?’ Totally worth it. It’s exhausting but in a good way as we’re renewed from the fellowship of friends and campmates.”

When asked about their decision to become Legacy Builders, “It was a no brainer. It just fit for us. Camp has been such a special part of our family’s life,” recalls Wes. During the process of establishing their will, the Christian lawyer they were working with asked if there were any organizations that they wanted to support with a Legacy Gift and Camp Arcadia was a clear choice to be included. “It is important to us to see Camp continue for many years to come – for our grandson Noah to be able to benefit from all that Camp has to offer.”


A Camp Arcadia Legacy Builder is an individual or couple who has made the decision to include Camp in their estate plans. Estate gifts can include gifts made through a will, IRA, life insurance policy, a charitable trust, or even an outright gift of cash or stock. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Camp Arcadia Legacy Builder – ensuring the ministry of Camp Arcadia remains strong for the next 100 years – please contact Sarah Olson or Chip May.

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