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“The Arcadia story is part and parcel of the Beumer family. It began as the story of my husband Rich, his parents and his brother Bob going from St. Louis each summer for a week of vacation at Camp Arcadia. When I drove up with Rich, our three children and his parents in 1974, I prayed that I would grow to know and love Arcadia as they did. I did; it became my camp as well, so much so that we have only missed one summer in the last 37 years. It is an old familiar route from St. Louis to RKD and we feel we have arrived home when we see the swans on Arcadia Lake.

“Camp Arcadia is where we come to be in God’s creation with God’s people. This place has provided grounding in and continuity of family and friendships for four generations. It is a part of our history, of who we are.

“We come to Arcadia to refuel. Camp feeds our bodies and our souls. We come to RKD for fun and relaxation. We play hard, eat well and sleep soundly to the sound of Lake Michigan waves. We come to spend time with our Lord in study, song and worship. We come to camp to be with family and friends. We bring friends, we make new friends and the staff have become friends.

“It is hard to pinpoint what makes Camp Arcadia special for it is the whole experience that makes it special. It is conversations on the patio, lectures in the assembly, walks down the beach, meals shared with family and even the corny joke at the end of each meal. It is a slice of heaven that will be passed on to the fifth generation of the Beumer family.

– Judy Beumer

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