Heather’s Arcadia Story

The following is a letter from a Camp Arcadia guest who graciously shares her thoughts for everyone’s benefit.

The Duran Family at Arcadia this summer. Andrew, Heather, Abigail, Magdalene, Jim and Rebecca.
I love Camp Arcadia because I can truly feel the Lord’s spirit. My soul feels an immediate sense of calm, peace, and “AAAH” as soon as I set foot on the beach. It is truly hallowed ground.

We came to Camp Arcadia this year at the last minute. We had experienced a beginning of the summer like no other. Jim’s dad had passed away in June after a long and hard battle with Parkinson’s Disease. I had taken a leave of absence from work, to be home full-time with our daughter, who was battling some serious health issues. I wanted to be able to take her to all of her appointments and emotionally support her. She was in a difficult emotional place, and so was the whole family. Life seemed to be falling apart around us.

In August, after we had been through the “wringer”, we decided to come to Camp Arcadia, with Jim’s mother, Magdalene. She had never joined us on our trips to Arcadia because she was always taking care of her husband, who was unable to travel due to his health. We had a FABULOUS time with Magdalene- we laughed, cried, played, talked, worshiped, prayed, had spiritual discussions, and ate (boy, did we eat! Yeah – Chef Kurt!) … and all of us did more healing, in so many ways, for different reasons.

I came home with a lightened spirit, and a readiness to transition into fall. God is good! As a Mom, the fact that I did not have to think about menu planning, where we were going, making restaurant reservations, etc., all took such a load off my Spirit. Spiritually, Pastor Kleinig got me thinking about prayer in a new way. It has changed my whole outlook on my relationship and communication with God. I took his study on prayer home, and am giving it to our small group leader to do with our group.

I am a runner, and one of the BIGGEST treats was getting to run barefoot on the beach in the early morning. God spoke to my heart and soul as I ran and looked out on His gorgeous waters. I heard His voice as He spoke to me. I prayed, cried, and healed during those runs.

Blessing upon blessing upon blessing upon blessing, that is why we come to Camp Arcadia!

God Bless you, Camp Arcadia, your staff, and all the guests. I cannot come up with a more Christ-centered heavenly place on earth to vacation. My heart sings so many thanks!

Thank you for listening to my Arcadia story,

Heather Duran
Palatine, Illinois

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