A Note From Chip

I give thanks to God for the successful 2021 season and I look forward to Camp’s 100th season in 2022. We were able to accommodate around 70% of our normal capacity and were excited to welcome back the return of our teen week retreats and fall confirmation retreat weekends. God continued to bless us with amazing staff, guests and supporters. 

I will soon begin my three-month ministry sabbatical. This is a three-month leave from my responsibilities at Camp and an opportunity to renew myself spirit, mind and body. I won’t be leaving town much for any big trips, except for a Christmas trip to Florida with family, but I look forward to doing some home improvement projects, reading and reflecting. 

Camp Arcadia’s sabbatical program began around 15 years ago and is available for all of our full-time, year-round, management team members every 7 years. This will be my third sabbatical. (I was supposed to take it last year, but it was delayed till this year due to the pandemic.) 

Due to my absence over the next three months, I wanted to let you know who will be covering some of my responsibilities. First, Jess McCallum Knoll, Camp’s assistant director, will be taking the lead in organizing our staff’s efforts while I am gone. Sarah Olson, Camp’s Donor Relations and Communication Director, will be taking a lead on all things development and communications. You probably noticed that this year’s end of the year fundraising letter was sent by Sarah and she will also be sending out the donation thank you letters as well. 

Please join me in praying for the upcoming 100th season and all of the preparations for it. I would appreciate your prayers as I begin my sabbatical.

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  1. Chip
    Blessings to you as you begin this sabbatical. May God renew your heart and spirit and allow you to be energized as you move forward in celebration of camp Arcadia’s 100 years. May you be inspired by this journey and return a new spirit. God be with you✝️

  2. Chip
    Well deserved. You have encountered many a challenge these past few years, and I am grateful you are able to renew your health, mind, body, spirit and family. May God keep you under His watchful eye and protection.

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