Camp Arcadia’s COVID-19 Response Update – We Will Get Through This Together – March 26, 2020


Dear Camp Arcadia Family,

We have something special. We, as the Camp Arcadia family, share a bond that is unbreakable. This bond is forged at the foot of the cross, and nourished through relationships that span generations. It is a relationship, like our Savior’s relationship with us, that is based on love and leads to hope. Whether you are new to Camp Arcadia or have been coming for generations, you know what all Arcadians know – we will get through this together. 

Armed with the promises of our Savior Jesus, and encouraged by each other, we will not only get through these tough times, but there will be an opportunity to flex our faith muscles. Inspired by our faith, we will have countless opportunities to be there for each other — to share one another’s burdens — and to point to the light that no darkness can overcome. 

I know you share my concerns that this crisis could affect the operation of Camp’s 2020 season. I also know that we all want to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Ultimately, we want the Camp Arcadia experience to be a safe one for you and our staff. 

Like you, I desperately long for a summer together on the shores of Lake Michigan. While right now we don’t know what the future holds, we do know who holds the future. The Camp Arcadia family will not be broken and our ministry of renewal in Christ will continue. 


We are working and planning for the future.  

The Lutheran Camp Association’s board of directors is meeting regularly to assess Camp’s response to the COVID-19 crisis which continues to change rapidly. We are monitoring the situation closely; any decisions about the summer season will be based on recommendations from federal and state government health organizations. 

While we are praying for the best, the board and staff are also making contingency plans to ensure that Camp Arcadia’s ministry thrives on the other side of COVID-19. Towards this end, we are: 

  • Planning for various financial and operational scenarios (potential cancellation of some weeks; decreased number of guests, etc.)
  • Exploring all options for emergency funding provided by local, state, and federal sources.
  • Reducing and deferring all possible expenses, such as: deferring retirement benefits for all full-time staff, taking non-essential vehicles off of insurance; renegotiating contracts.
  • Exploring loan opportunities to cover loss of revenue. 
  • Seeking support from you — for we can’t do this without you. During our spring appeal we will be trusting you to do what you have always done: invest in Camp Arcadia’s ministry so that children, teens, and families will continue to be reminded that they are enough in Christ. To invest, click here.  


Spreading Camp Joy

While Camp is always better at Camp, now while we’re at home with our families, we will continue to provide opportunities for you to enjoy Camp in virtual ways. We will also give you opportunities to hear from some of your favorite Camp Arcadia deans and lecturers. Next week there will be a new “Campfire Conversation” in which Pastor Ryan Tinetti and I talk with Pastor Matt Popovits about what it means to be faithful during these difficult times. Look for it as a podcast and a video – yes, you will get to see us and listen to us. What could be better!  

I pray that you and your family are safe and healthy. Join me in praying for all those affected by this crisis. Let’s do what Arcadians have done for almost a 100 years; let’s ground our hope in our risen Savior and reach out in love to those God has put in our lives.

In Christ,

Chip May, Executive Director

9 Responses

  1. Chip, Are you still going ahead for the Dewatering Project for the lower levels of the Inn and Wigwam?

    If so, will there be an special plea for funds for this?

  2. Greetings from Indiana !
    Thank you for all you are doing to adjust to the constant state of flux and unknown.
    Looking forward to the upcoming Campfire conversation !!!
    Prayers for blessings upon all of the Camp Arcadia Family,

  3. My prayers and know that God is with us all and pray this will be over sooner than later. May God bless RKD for years to come as he has in the past. God’s Blessings to mall.

  4. Thank you Chip, a prayerful redirection in these difficult days. You make me miss Arcadia even more.

    May Keinath

    1. I so heartily agree with Karla and want to also say that I’m looking forward to the campfire conversations coming soon. What a neat idea! I don’t know either of the Pastors that will be with you, Chip, and I look forward to them and of course, you.

  5. Always good to have news from RKD. Takes us to a peaceful place amidst the current crisis.
    We pray our fellow Arcadians stay well as we all stay home.
    We are looking forward to being free at RKD this summer.

  6. May we always remember the encouragement given Arcadians as they read the sign on the way out of camp: “Go forth Child of God, renewed in body , mind and spirit” – and add this challenge: ” to share the news of the Savior’s love in this time of crisis with whomever we come in contact,” whether that is in person, via e-mails, facebook, phone, or snail mail.

    May our Savior give us the strength to meet the challenge this crisis gives us.

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