Camp Arcadia Registration FAQs

We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about the registration process. Here are some of the frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here or if you have a more specific question, please feel free to contact the Camp Arcadia office.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “How do I register for a Camp Arcadia retreat?   “]

A whole page on our website is devoted to walking you through this process – click here to learn more!


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What should I know specifically about registering for a Family Week retreat?   “]

When registration opens on December 1, 2022, both LCA member and non-member registration forms for Camp Arcadia’s Family Week Retreats will be accepted, but LCA members are given priority within the drawing process. Only registration forms submitted and/or postmarked by the priority deadline, January 6, 2023, will be included in the drawing.

After we have received all registrations sent by the priority deadline of January 6, we fill each Family Week Retreat to 75% capacity with LCA members before we return to fill remaining spots. 

We will email you the results of your registration request by February 3rd, 2023. If you get in, your deposit will be processed. If you do not get in, you will be placed on a waitlist and your deposit will not be processed.

Participation in this registration drawing does not guarantee that you will be registered for a retreat at Camp Arcadia. We try our best to accommodate as many guests as possible.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What should I know about registering for a Non-Family Week retreat?   “]

Registration for the retreats below will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. You can submit your registration form online or via mail.

  • To register for Summer Starter and Lutherhostel, please use one form per household.
  • To register for Teen Retreats, Men’s Retreats, and Women’s Retreats, please use one form per person. 
  • If you are interested in registering for our Fall Confirmation Retreats, please call the Camp office. 


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What if I miss the January 6th Priority Deadline for Family Week Registration?   “]

All registration requests submitted online or postmarked after January 6, 2023 will be processed in the order that they are received. If all the retreats on your registration form are full, we will not process your deposit and will place you on the waitlist. Depending on the volume of registrations we receive, we expect to notify you about your status within 7-10 business days after February 3, 2023 or after you submit your registration form (if after February 3).


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What if I am an LCA Member?   “]

One of the perks of Lutheran Camp Association (LCA) membership is priority registration. However, your membership does not guarantee that your family will get into a retreat at Camp Arcadia.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “How will I know if I was registered during the drawing?   “]

Participation in this registration drawing does not guarantee that you will be registered for a retreat. We try our best to accommodate as many guests as possible.

We will email you the results of your registration request by February 3rd, 2023. If you got in, your deposit will be processed. If you did not get in, you will be placed on a waitlist and your deposit will not be processed.

Confirmation letters will be sent via email when possible. Please provide your email address on the registration form.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “How does the waitlist work?   “]

Guests who are not accommodated through the registration process will be placed on waitlists for all retreats listed under “retreat preferences” on their submitted registration form. To ensure the security of your financial information, we will not retain your deposit payment information if you are put on a waitlist. Upon being moved off of the waitlist and into a retreat, we will call to collect payment information for the full deposit amount to be paid at that time.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What if I want to come with other families to a Family Week retreat?   “]

Multi-family groups are welcome to register together for Family Week Retreats. Groups of up to 30 people from more than one mailing address wishing to attend the same week are considered “Group Reservations.” To make a Group Reservation, follow the following steps.

  1. Select a Group Contact Person. This person will act as liaison and coordinator between the Camp Office and the members of the group.
  2. Submit your registrations by the priority deadline (January 6, 2023) as follows: either enclose all registration forms together in one envelope and mail them together OR submit separately, indicating the Group Contact Person on each registration form (either by mail or online). Please note that the Group Contact Person should be the same person on all forms for the group.

Group Reservations are most easily accommodated in the weeks earlier or later in the summer. If LCA members wish to submit a group reservation, all families included in the group reservation must be LCA members to receive the LCA membership priority registration.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What if I need to cancel or make a change to my reservation?   “]

Please notify the Camp Office immediately of any changes or cancellations.

Cancellation Policy for May – August Retreats:

  • Cancellations before March 15: Your full deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellations between March 15 and May 15th: A $75 cancellation fee will be applied.
  • Cancellations after May 15: The cancellation fee is equal to the full minimum deposit.

Cancellation Policy for September – October Retreats:

  • Cancellations before August 1: Your full deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellation after August 1: The cancellation fee is equal to the full minimum deposit; your deposit can be transferred to another guest if housing allows.
  • Cancellations for Fall Confirmation Retreats should contact the Camp Office.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “Does Camp offer financial aid/scholarships?   “]

We never want cost to be a prohibitive factor for families or individuals to attend Camp Arcadia. We have a Scholarship Fund available that could reduce your fees significantly. Learn more about how to apply for our scholarships by visiting


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What if we need to arrive late, leave early, or miss meals during our week at Camp?   “]

Vacation rates are for the entire retreat. Late arrivals, early departures, or missed meals do not reduce the cost. However, please notify the office of any/all of these notes so we can plan accordingly.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “What does housing look like for teenagers during Family Week and Labor Day retreats?   “]

During Family Weeks and Labor Day Weekend, teens 15 years and older are housed with other teens as space allows or unless parents request otherwise. Males are in the Assembly dorm and females are in Inn rooms.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “How does Camp assign rooms?   “]

Room assignments are made according to your needs; we make every effort to ensure your comfort and grant your preference. Consideration is given to the number of people in your party, bed space and health needs.


[su_spoiler style= “custom-spoiler” title= “When are check-in and check-out?   “]

  • Check-in time is after 4:00 p.m. on the arrival date.
  • Check-out time is before 10:00 a.m. on the departure date, unless otherwise specified.

Your confirmation letter may contain additional details.


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  1. Interested in registering with friends for women retreats in September. Are there any openings still available for 5 women for either date? Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris! We edit our website in house, and it does take us a few days to get everything updated as we have to code everything as well! Everything should be up to date now! Only spot is the 2021 link at the bottom of the main landing page is waiting to be updated!

    1. Hi Angie! Lutherhostel is geared toward older adults – we don’t have a specific age requirement. Feel free to call the Camp office (231-889-4361) for more information!

  2. Hello
    I was a camper in the ‘60’s and I’m planning a trip to MI and would love to visit Camp Arcadia and just walk around for an hour or so. It would be sometime during August 28-30.

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