Beach Project Update Photos – May 30, 2018

Camp Arcadia continues to work hard to finish the beach project. By the start of family weeks (June 23) we will have the rock revetments in front of the buildings and the pocket beaches complete.

A picture of the rock revetments and large pocket beach on the southern end of Camp’s property.


A view of the beach in front of the southern end of the Inn. This is where the camp fire area will go.


A picture of the rock revetment in front of the Inn.


The access road to the north of the tennis courts.


They started to take existing rock and concrete from the shore and placing it just offshore to provide an access path along the shoreline north of the steel sea wall.


A view of the beach on the south end of the Inn.


A view of the large pocket beach under construction. The small boat is used by Elmer’s during construction. Not another ship wreck 🙂


A view from the mouth of the small pocket beach.


A view of the small pocket beach where the kayaks and paddle boards will be used.


Another view of the small pocket beach.
A view of the shoreline with the berm gone.

4 Responses

  1. This is an amazing transformation. Really appreciate the pictures and the updates; please keep sending them.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Chip and Board,

    While I am sorry to see rocks, I am wholly impressed with the implementation of the plan and pray that this will preserve camps shoreline and protect the camp buildings for the next hundred years. Well Done!!

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