Art Inspired by Camp Arcadia

An Interview with Jenna Wilusz


Camp Arcadia: Tell us about yourself: 

Jenna:  I have lived in Rochester, Michigan for all 17 years of my life. I attended a Lutheran grade school and now attend Lutheran High Northwest in Rochester Hills. I plan to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for the next four years to study art, but more specifically illustration. I hope to use any abilities I have to convey faith messages. I am uncertain of where I might do that specifically but as long as my career would involve that, i would enjoy it immensely.


CA: What was your first experience at Camp Arcadia?  What did you love about it?


J: I first attended Camp Arcadia the summer before my first year of high school for the Alpha Teen Retreat. I fell in love with the camp before the end that first day.  It holds a perfect community for growing in friendships and in faith. The week was truly a renewal of my relationship with God and friendships with those around me.


CA: When did you find your love for art? How? What is your favorite type of art to work on?


J:  I first found my love for art in grade school but it fully developed in my high school art classes. I was in love with the challenges they offered me.  Whether those challenges were conceptual or technical, they all improved me bit by bit. Although experimenting with multiple media such as painting, ceramics, architecture, printmaking, and pen & ink was exciting, my favorite form of art to create is drawing. It relaxes my mind and is my favorite way of creating new images and portraying emotions.


CA: How has Camp Arcadia inspired your artwork?


J: Camp Arcadia has influenced my work in various ways. In a simple way, it has given me beautiful scenes and inspirations to create images of, but it has also shown me a purpose for creating art. That would be to glorify the Lord and to bless those around me. After my final teen week experience last summer, I was able to create an image of the beautiful beach at Camp Arcadia. I decided to create this drawing out of strictly dots. This symbolized the somewhat small but still large in heart community at Arcadia that impacted my life in numerous ways.


CA: Do you have a favorite Camp story or experience? or How do you hope Camp will be a part of your future both in art and in life?
J: One of my favorite camp experiences was last year at teen week. I had planned to fly out to Washington, D.C. for an art ceremony on Thursday of that week. My dad picked me up and we drove all the way to the airport only to find out the flight was canceled. So I insisted that we drive back to camp that night so I could finish up my last teen week. When I got back, I went to the Trading Post to find my friends but instead was greeted by Pastor Yonker. He asked why I was back and I told him my story.  He told me that God wanted me where I was and that I was meant to be there. He was totally right. Although the situation brought conflict and tension, it was also an opportunity for me to realize how thankful I was to be back at camp and in that community. I hope to continue involvement at Camp Arcadia by applying for summer staff next summer after my first year of college.  Camp is full of love, encouragement, and beautiful people that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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  1. Beautiful symbolic drawing of the place we love! Any chance copies could be sold in the Trading Post!

  2. Jenna,
    Your art work is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your story and your gift of art. Will you be in Savannah proper for school or at the Atlanta campus? We’ve lived in Atlanta a long time now and been going to camp since 1991. Both our kids worked on staff (2001-2004) & (2007-2009) and this will be my fifth year to work end of season. We could give you an RKD connection here if you’d like that—think about.
    Easter blessings…Tina Press

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