8th Grade Week Highlight Video DVD

We had an awesome week with the 8th Graders up at camp and we are embarking on a brand new week with the High School kids up for teen week. We have posted the 8th Grade Week Highlight video on youtube and you can see it here on the site when you click the title of this post. If you were a camper and did not get a DVD, but you still want a DVD with bonus features from the Camper Talent show you can email us and we will be happy to send you a copy along with our archives newspaper. Enjoy the video!

3 Responses

  1. It made me laugh…it made me cry…it made me so happy for those working at camp and those there as campers…it made me want to be there…I love RKD…

  2. Nice work Kausch! The photo thing must run in the family. I want to spend a week there…sign me up! JP

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