2019 Closing Weekend – Giving Thanks

We want to heartily thank the ninety plus volunteers from near and far gathered for Camp Arcadia’s Closing Weekend on October 25 through 27. They prepared Camp for the intense lakefront winter from top to bottom and end to end, securing shutters over windows, sorting and storing craft supplies, clearing trails of fallen trees, and cleaning, washing, and mopping all of the cleanable, the washable, and the moppable.

“I have a great group of kids in working in here,” shared Kris Park, Camp’s craft shop director for ten years. “Getting things clean eases my mind for the start of season next spring.” The craft shop is a place where, as Park says, “glitter always happens.” All over the Camp, re-creation tends to get messy.

What draws folks to give their weekend sweeping out a summer of sand? Of course, it’s a chance to stay and eat at Camp for free and take in the famous fall foliage. For Camille Frasier, it’s spending a special time with her family in a meaningful place. For others it means giving back. “We know [Camp] needs our help, and we love it here. We are sent to serve; we want to teach our kids to serve too,” said Diane. Her mother Angela added, “It makes you feel good.”

The Delta Chi fraternity from Trine University, a small engineering school in northwest Indiana, has sent a group of young men each year since 1999. This year they hung shutters and cut wood in the forest. The best part? “The brotherhood, just getting the time to talk.” Another brother shares, “We just sat out and watched the sunset last night.”

After a hard day’s work there’s always some fun mixed in. Saturday night’s Barn Party offered cozy fall favorites like pumpkin pie and campfire time. There’s room at the campfire for you too! Join us to open Camp, May 22-25, or help us Closing Weekend, October 30-Nov 1, 2020.

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