2014 Staff Applicants Wanted

The application for 2014 Summer and Fall Staff is available online now!

Working on staff at Camp Arcadia is extremely rewarding. You lodge, eat, work, and play in an intentional Christian community. Experiences are filled with unexpected adventures, friendships, revelations, blessings, and challenges.

We invite you to think hard about people you know who would be good candidates for 2014 staff. Or maybe that good candidate is you! Regardless, please take the steps today to help Camp Arcadia find the right staff for 2014. Here’s the link:  Serving on Staff.

New in 2014: We’re working hard to attract staff who will work the full season, as well as extended periods.  There now is a financial bonus program for staff.  Get the details.

[box type=”box” width=”550″ template=”drop-shadow lifted” align=”left” color=”blue”]”The combination of a beautiful setting, healthy family activities and Christian fellowship make camp a place where families not only reconnect with each other but build a deep relationship with God. Behind the scene there are many dedicated hard working people to make the Camp experience what it is. A heartfelt thank you to all.” – the Auernhamer Family[/box]

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