Renewal in

Spirit, Mind and Body

We take the stress out of planning a vacation and create a Christ-centered experience in a relaxing and beautiful environment.

Enriched Spirit

Camp Arcadia’s beautiful setting is the perfect backdrop for individuals, families and staff to nurture and exercise their faith and connect with Christ.

Recharged Mind

Camp provides an opportunity to unplug from technology and the stresses of life and be present in the moment.

Renewed Body

From shuffleboard, swimming and soccer to square dancing, hiking and archery, Camp Arcadia offers endless opportunities to exercise the body.

What We Do

Refocus your life on what’s important

The Camp Arcadia experience brings into focus the most important things in life –  our faith, our family and friends.

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Why Choose Us?

Reconnect with your family at Camp Arcadia

Since 1922, Camp Arcadia has served families and individuals, offering unique “vacations with God” along the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. Through vacation and retreat experiences campers are renewed in spirit, mind, and body and are inspired to share the love of Christ in their lives, families, and communities.

From Our Campers


“Like a faith based cruise on the shores of Lake Michigan”
“This camp is our anchor point for the year”
“It really is a gift from God to get to recharge”

2024 Registration opens December 1!

We will start accepting applications starting December 1st