Work Has Begun!


The machines are at work!

There are exciting sights and sounds at Camp Arcadia! As the construction equipment comes in and out, the excitement surrounding the new Chapel on the Beach can really be felt.

Several of the required permits have been filed and approved allowing some of the work to begin on the construction site of the new Chapel on the Beach. The first step was to clear the area to make way for the large earth moving machines. Once a path was cleared to the location, work could begin on clearing out the brush and a few trees.

Once the necessary area was cleared, work to move the ground to the necessary grade began. Several days of moving the existing dirt and then bringing in some additional sand allowed the work crew to begin to create the “bowl” that will serve as the foundation of the amphitheater style chapel.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The view walking Southbound approaching the location.
The "grade" of the amphitheater style chapel is starting to become visible.



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