Staff Accommodations

One of the perks of employment at Camp Arcadia is the provision of room and board. All Summer and Full Season Staff, along with most End of Season Staff, live in Camp Arcadia’s staff quarters, located on the second floor of the Wigwam. Staffers are fed three meals per day, with access to leftovers and food storage in Camp’s kitchen.

Living Quarters

Each staff member will be assigned to a room in staff quarters, with the number of roommates varying from 2-7 depending on the room. Smaller rooms house 3-4 individuals, while larger rooms (Mermaids and Pokey Hunters) house between 5-8 individuals.



End of Season Staffers enjoy a meal in the Shanty in 2021.

Most staff (with the exception of several program staff members) will eat prior to guest meals in the staff dining room, known as the Shanty. Meals are provided for each staff member and all staff members have access to leftovers and panty/cold food storage in the kitchen. Staff members also have access to the kitchen outside of mealtimes for food preparation (within reason and with kitchen staff permission). Dietary restrictions are taken into account and gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian options are available as needed.


Access to Camp’s Facilities

Obviously, Camp Arcadia’s staff serve in their roles to facilitate others’ enjoyment of Camp Arcadia’s grounds and facilities. However, during free time and between retreat transitions, staffers are invited to enjoy the beauty that living on the shores of Lake Michigan has to offer – whether that’s by taking a kayak out at sunset, enjoying a book on the patio or hitting the beach during an afternoon break. Living and working in Northern Michigan for the summer definitely has its perks!

Join Our Team

Come work, live, and play with us right on the shores of Lake Michigan! Camp Arcadia has a variety of opportunities to serve God by serving others.