Job Descriptions

Summer Staff Positions

Below is a list of the departments in which you might work while serving at Camp Arcadia.  It is our goal that staff are placed in a position that best meets their personality and their skill set.  Please read through each to see where you might best fit within our staff!

We have seen the benefits of staff rotating between departments, including a deeper appreciation for their fellow staff members, increased opportunities for staff or guest interaction, higher work satisfaction and a healthier staff community.  This season, the majority of our summer staff will rotate between two departments.  Please carefully read through the descriptions below; on your application, you will be asked to rank all positions in your order of preference (1-8). 

All Summer Staff: 

Do you want to serve others before yourself this summer?  Do you want to learn new skills? Do you value the mission of Camp Arcadia? Are you willing to work with both management staff and summer leadership staff to create a Christ-centered staff community?  Do you want to be  part of a ministry team?

Leadership Staff: 

Do you enjoy teaching and coaching others?  Do you know your department well and are willing  to take on additional work?  Are you able to be a positive role model for those around you?  Do you value the mission of Camp Arcadia?  Are you willing to work with both management staff and summer staff to create a Christ-centered staff community?  Will you encourage, pray for and support summer staff all summer long?

First and foremost we are looking to hire servant-hearted Christian men and women for our summer staff.  We know every person has specific gifts, skills, and talents.  We also know that every person has a working style or working environment in which they function best.  Please review the following department descriptions as you consider where you might be able to serve best.


Do you enjoy working in a large team?  Do you respond well to having hard deadlines?  Would you like rotating through a variety of different roles throughout the summer? Life in the kitchen is full of people and music!

You might be preparing drinks, baking cakes and cookies, serving guests in the dining room, chopping vegetables or doing dishes.  The kitchen is a high energy (often high pressure) and  highly social environment.  While guest interaction is relatively low, interaction with your co-workers is really high!  Taryn, our chef, leads the kitchen staff  and the staffers in leadership positions (assistant cooks and head servers).  This team meets the food needs of every guest at Camp Arcadia with high quality food and service and guests can’t wait to get back to the dining room!


Do you really enjoy being in the middle of the action?  Are you confident to teach and lead activities?  Do you like to work with kids and adults in a variety of ways?  Program staffers are the life of the party!

You might be greeting guests as they arrive, teaching Bible Study to a group of kids, working in the craft shop, leading a game, hike or worship time, setting up or cleaning up activities or serving as DJ for the morning radio program.  The Program department is an energetic, guest focused and self motivated working environment. While guest interaction is off the charts, interaction with other staff is relatively limited. Jess, our assistant director, leads the program team and the staff in leadership positions (assistant program directors); this team offers specialization opportunities including being a crafty person or a nature person.  This team facilitates all the activities that teens and families come to Camp Arcadia for!


Do you enjoy working individually or in a small group? Do you like to perfect a task and repeat it?  Do you work well behind the scenes? Housekeepers know all the ins and outs!

You might be doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, hosting towel exchange, cleaning the meeting spaces or completing outdoor cleaning tasks.  Housekeeping is a calm, repetitive and thorough environment.  The guest interaction is low but the community among the housekeeping team is strong. Jess, our assistant director, leads the housekeeping staff  including a head housekeeper which is a leadership position.  Guests are always amazed at how all these things get done!


Do you enjoy working in a small team?  Do you enjoy communicating with guests in person, through emails and on the phone? Do you like to have a variety of tasks to accomplish each day? No two days in the office are ever the same.  

You might be helping with housing and dining room seating assignments, entering information into different computer programs, work at the office window during registration, troubleshooting guest questions or engaging in general office tasks. The office is a scheduled environment with constant interruptions from ringing phones, guest interaction, and staff moving through the space. Rachel, our office manager, leads the office team. This team makes it possible for each guest to get to Camp and helps to meet their needs while they are here!

Trading Post: 

Do you enjoy both solo work and the opportunity to work with a large group? Do you enjoy offering great customer service?  Are you good at the details? The Trading Post team makes smiles happen every day!

You might be scooping ice cream, serving treats to the guests, running the cash register, placing orders with food vendors, training staff, planning theme nights, scheduling staff or organizing merchandise. The Trading Post is at times a very quiet and self motivated environment and at other times it is a high energy, multi-tasking environment.  All the time it is a detail oriented and guest focused place.  Jess, our assistant director, leads this leadership staff.  This team keeps one of Camp Arcadia’s favorite places full of yummy treats and a fun atmosphere.


Do you enjoy working independently?  Are you creative? Do you enjoy taking photos, sharing stories, and creating videos?  Media staff work quietly in every area of Camp.

You might be taking photos at the square dance, creating photos and videos for weekly slideshows, editing podcasts, interviewing guests, writing articles for the e-news, posting on facebook or taking videos at morning program. Media is a self-driven, scheduled and organized work environment. Interaction with guests is often in the form of one on one interviews or in taking family photos.  Our executive director, leads this department of 2 staff members.  This team create products that campers treasure and that keep their Camp Arcadia memories alive!


Do you enjoy working solo?  Do you like a balance of repetitive tasks and in the moment projects?  Do you notice details and see what needs to be done? Do you enjoy being outside? Facilities staff keep everything at Camp running well and looking good.

You might be blowing the sidewalks, mowing the grass, watering flowers, weeding landscaping, repairing broken things around Camp or completing projects in the shop.  Facilities is an organized, flexible and calm working environment.  Led by our facilities director, Franco, this team takes pride in making sure that guest areas are both looking and working at their best.


Are you interested in the past and how things came to be? Do you enjoy working behind the scenes?  Do you enjoy working with volunteers?  Archives staff keep Camp Arcadia history alive!  

There isn’t a “typical” day in Archives! You might be collecting and cataloging photos, preserving physical artifacts, creating outreach materials, prepping interactive displays or spending time with members of the Camp Arcadia community to gather stories. Archives need a creative, detailed oriented, self-motivated staff member who is willing to dive in on variety activities. For the most part you will work under Ryan, our archives director. However, you will have many opportunities to work with our large team of volunteers and community members throughout the summer. This crucial role helps to collect and share all that is Camp Arcadia.


We understand the importance of and desire to have an internship during your college career and some schools have internships as a requirement.  We are open and willing to provide staff experiences that would meet internship requirements and an experience you desire!  Internships can range from Assistant Cook to Hospitality to Event Planning to Archives and more!  To see a full list of internship ideas and their work within the Camp Arcadia community, see the list under job descriptions at the bottom.

On your application, please note that you are interested in having your summer staff experience be an internship.  During the application process, we will talk more about your goals and hopes for your internship.  If you are offered a position on staff, we will follow up with you with an internship agreement that sets expectations of the role, responsibilities and goals. Click here for more information on Internships at Camp Arcadia

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These job descriptions do not list all duties to be performed.  Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required.  All of our staff share duties on a rotation, including working in the Trading Post (ice cream shop) and nightly closing duties of Camp. Most positions are available for Summer or Full Season Staff.  Not all positions will be filled during the end of season, depending upon the needs of the Camp community.

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