Employment Details

Camp Arcadia’s full season and summer staff is composed of approximately 40 Christian young adults who have a desire to serve God. They are chosen from a variety of geographic areas and colleges. The Camp season begins a week before Memorial Day weekend and extends through the end of  October. New staff members are expected to arrive on Sunday, May 19 and stay through August 17.  Staff who will serve as department heads are asked to arrive on Monday, May 13. All returning staff are asked to arrive on Thursday, May 16.  Arrangements can be made to accommodate exceptions to these dates – especially if you can stay later than August 17 and earn bonus pay!

Compensation, Expenses, & Benefits

Full Season and Summer Staff compensation starts at $240/week less Social Security and Federal Income Tax.  Staff also receive tips, room, and board. Camp Arcadia guests tip at the end of their week of vacation; these tips are shared among the staff based on the amount of time worked that year. Tips average around $1,500 per summer per staff member.  This averages to a pay of around $355 per week, with potential summer earnings of $4,620.

Returning staff members receive additional $50 per week for their second season and an additional $75 per week for their third season. On top of the returning pay, our leadership staff are compensated an additional $60 per week. There is also a bonus program for employees who can work extended periods, including employees who work Family Weeks 7, 8, 9.

Pay Table (not including tips)

Base SalaryBase Salary as Leadership StaffSign On BonusCompletion Bonus
1st Year Staffer$240$290$250$250
2nd Year Staffer$290$340$250$250
3rd Year Staffer$315$365$250$250

*One-time bonus offered if Service Agreement is returned by March 15th
**One-time bonus offered if staff members serves through the date agreed upon in their signed Service Agreement

Living expenses while at Camp Arcadia can be minimal. Staff members are provided housing in shared staff rooms with showers and restrooms. Meals are provided daily Sunday through Saturday with access to snacks, leftovers, and refrigerator space. Free laundry facilities, including soap, are provided as well as a staff lounge with access to the internet. Living in northern Michigan and at Camp Arcadia provides staff the opportunity to participate in Camp activities and take advantage of the surrounding area including hiking trails, national lake land, coffee shops, restaurants and nearby destinations such as Traverse City. Staff shirts and Camp apparel are provided and snack items and other merchandise are available for purchase. Staff members are welcome to bring a car; there are a limited number of staff car parking spots and many staff share rides for out of Camp trips.

Staff members should have money for any non-work-related medical expenses (medical insurance is not available for summer staff) and for living expenses until the first paycheck. Staff are covered by workers’ compensation (medical coverage) for any on-the-job accidents. Salaries are paid bi-weekly.

Benefits of life at Camp Arcadia can include personal and spiritual renewal, new and enriched relationships, joy and growth through Christian service, and opportunities to experience God’s marvelous creation on the shore of Lake Michigan.

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Work Assignments & Responsibilities

Staff members are assigned to specific work areas according to expressed interests and Camp’s needs. We have seen the benefits of staff rotating between departments, including a deeper appreciation for their fellow staff members, increased opportunities for staff or guest interaction, higher work satisfaction and a healthier staff community. This season, the majority of our summer staff will rotate between two departments.

Each staff member is expected to work six days and is given one full day off per week. Additionally, the entire summer staff is typically off together between retreats. Staff members work approximately 65 hours per week.  A short morning break and 1 –  2 hour break in the afternoon is normally provided. Staff responsibilities and assignments can change with the needs of the Camp.

All staff members assist with cleaning of the buildings and grounds between retreats, work in rotation in the Trading Post in the evening, and take turns (in teams) being responsible for emergencies at night.

Staff Guidelines

Camp Arcadia is a Lutheran family vacation & retreat center located on the shore of Lake Michigan in northwestern Michigan. Together, guests and staff at Camp Arcadia form a worshiping, learning, and celebrating community. We believe that living in community is a gift from God; we are thankful for each other. The center for our lives is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which opens us to ourselves, each other and issues facing all humankind.

Staff members form the nucleus of the Camp Arcadia community. Through their presence and participation, the staff has an important impact on the tone and atmosphere of the Camp. The commitment of each staff member to spiritual growth, Christian worship, and service to others is essential. These shared disciplines strengthen our sense of common purpose.

Camp Arcadia’s mission is to provide a setting for Christian families and individuals to vacation with God and to foster the renewal of the whole person- spirit, mind and body- amid the beauty of God’s creation and in fellowship with other Christians. The entire experience at Camp Arcadia is designed to foster the mission.  

All employees are expected to work toward this mission.

Camp Arcadia expects all Summer Staff members to adhere to the following commitments:

  • No consumption of alcohol or marijuana on Camp premises
  • No consumption of alcohol or marijuana by persons under 21 years old
  • No provision of alcohol or marijuana to anyone under 21 years old
  • No use or possession of illegal drugs
  • Participation in weekly staff worship service
  • Participation in all staff meetings

In addition to our responsibility to abide by the laws of the State of Michigan, abuse of illegal drugs and/or abuse of alcohol have serious and damaging effects on the Camp Arcadia community. Violation of any of these commitments can be reason for dismissal from Camp staff. Respectful and appropriate social use of alcohol by persons over the age of 21 years is a choice that carries with it the responsibility to abide by State law, to not drink and drive, and to be aware of those who choose not to use alcohol, including recovering chemically dependent persons in our Camp family.

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