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A new family to Camp Arcadia expresses what Arcadia means to them,

“This is a time and place to reunite with family, friends, staff and the Lord. It gives us, particularly mom and dad, a week of peace. Everything slows down – no hectic home and work schedules, no dance recitals, soccer practices or softball games to attend and zero cooking to worry about!”

For 89 years Arcadia has been a place where people can get away from the distractions of the world and spend time with families and friends, being renewed in spirit, mind and body.  Camp Arcadia continues to grow today.  You can help ensure that Camp Arcadia continues to be a place of refuge and renewal for so many families and individuals by financially supporting Camp Arcadia’s ministry.

Your generosity is vital because guest fees do not pay for all of the improvements to buildings, grounds, and programs.

Your support makes an impact in the lives of many who experience Camp Arcadia.  As one guest said,

“Arcadia is our annual chance to build our family and our faith without the distractions we have at home—to really enjoy and receive Christian hospitality.  It is spiritual nourishment that lasts all year long.”

Please join us in making that kind of impact by donating to Camp Arcadia today.

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