Multimedia and You

Camp Arcadia as you may or may not know has a multimedia page on which we feature podcasts recorded on a weekly basis. There you can listen to all the podcasts from Teen Weeks along with select lessons from Family Weeks and interviews with the Deans. If you go to the Coming to Arcadia tab and go to the multimedia page you can enjoy these podcasts for free. We also have a highlight video made for each week here at camp and they are all available for you to view on our youtube page. Our channel is found here. If you subscribe to our channel you can easily be kept up-to-date with Camp Arcadia highlight videos along with bonus features from the weekly DVD’s. There will be many videos unique to each week such as camper talent show performances, as well as, Improv performances by our staff which are unique to each week. We hope to see you all subscribed to our channel. If you have trouble subscribing feel free to email us. Thanks so much! Have a blessed week!

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