Full Season Staff Needed

Jake Roskam worked as a Full Season Staff member in 2011

Camp Arcadia needs the right people to work as Full Season Staff this year. Full Season Summer Staff work at Arcadia from Memorial Day through late October. Generally, they are recent college graduates or interns. Camp Arcadia is willing to consider a wide variety internship placements that span from three to six months.  In the past we have had interns work in the office, kitchen, Trading Post, program, and caretaking.  Click here to learn how to apply.

We asked a few recent Full Season Staff members to describe the experience:

“Working as Full Season Staff at Camp Arcadia is such a wonderful experience. After the seemingly short summer season (it flies by, trust me) there’s a final push to get through Labor Day and then everything changes.

All of a sudden, there’s no one at camp between retreats. The place is empty except for the handful of staff that clean throughout the week. You also use the full kitchen to cook for yourself and the others who stay the full season, which can be a lot of fun. After all the hard work of the summer, the fall season is like your own vacation. You still work during the week, and work hard on the weekends, but there’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy the benefits of Northern Michigan. I went to school for theatre production and escaping for the summer after I graduated was perfect. It gave me some time to apply for jobs without the pressure of getting something immediately. It also gave me the break I needed to feel like I really missed theatre. You also get the chance to grow close to a nice handful of people. I’m closer with some of my staff friends than with most of the people I went to four years of college with. This is such a rewarding experience and I recommend it.” –Karen Berger

“I worked for four summers at Camp Arcadia, my fourth being as a Full Season Staffer after graduating from St. Olaf College. I wouldn’t trade the time I had at Arcadia for anything as it helped me grow as a person in ways that I had not anticipated.” –Jake Roskam

Chef Kurt Harvey notes that two different Full Season Staff interns from culinary school found their internship in the Camp kitchen very worthwhile.  “Not only did they get a salary, room and board during their Baking & Pastry Internship, but they were exposed to a wide variety of learning situations and had a lot of responsibility in their area of interest.”  Camp is happy to explore internships in a number of different departments.

Please contact Chip May here if you are interested in exploring more about working as one of the Full Season Staff at Arcadia.  Click here to learn how to apply.

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