Chapel on the Beach: Ready!

A gorgeous new addition is now officially a part of Camp Arcadia! After years of planning and hard work, the Chapel on the Beach is ready for years of worship and program activities.

Lots of time has gone into making this new space the best it can be, and the hard work is finally paying off!

The Chapel on the Beach had been talked about for about 10 years before it was built,” said Camp Director Chip May. “Over the past few years Camp has devoted more time to developing our worship experiences. The new Chapel gives us a great setting to worship as watch the sun set over Lake Michigan.”

In the 2013 season, the Chapel on the Beach has been used for a variety of events.

Each Friday night, a closing worship service is held in the Chapel on the Beach. The service includes singing, speaking, and a special time for guests to remember their Baptisms. The service begins with the children collecting water from Lake Michigan to pour into the baptismal font, and concludes with a special time for guests to remember their own baptism with their loved ones around them.

The Chapel gives us a separate space to worship, making the experience more meaningful,” said Chip. “We have also been leading a Wednesday campfire program at the Chapel. Having a fire pit and some movable chairs have been great for the campfire program.”

That being said, there are several ways to utilize the new Chapel. Aside from the worship services and campfires, the Morning Program is able to use the Chapel as a meeting place for large group time. It is also an excellent space for personal devotion and reflection.

This year we were also blessed to have musician Peter Mayer and his family join us for a concert on the Chapel on the Beach. It was exciting to be able to have such a fun event held in a new space with a gorgeous view.

The best thing about the new Chapel,” said Program Director Kyle DeWees, “is being able to worship outside among God’s beautiful creation.”

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